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Could you please explain to me what Social Justice bloggers do, and what they are, I haven't heard of that side of Tumblr prior to your mentioning of them twice in your description and how you are in no part affiliated with them. I proceeded to look up social justice blogging and the likes to understand it, but I still don't know why it's a movement on Tumblr or where it had begun, or why it's looked down upon. I have absolutely no knowledge of SJ Tumblr and would like to be filled in, please?


This is long, so beware.

Social justice itself broadly is generally attempting to better the human condition by challenging injustice. Social justice movements exist offline, and social justice movements existed online before tumblr.

And well, it’s not that I am not affiliated with “SJ tumblr” - it’s more just that “social justice tumblr” is a nebulous, poorly-defined, and honestly, impossible to define part of tumblr. Unlike say, fandom tumblr or soft grunge bloggers, I know very few people who identify as “social justice bloggers” or who even define the purpose of their tumblrs to be “social justice.” No one ends their posts with “follow for more SJ.” Social justice movements are not necessarily interconnected, and plenty of people who support one entirely ignore another.

In practice, hatred of social justice on tumblr is dog whistle politics, and turning a neutral word into something derogatory (much like “politically correct”). It’s usually used to describe the blogs of people who belong to marginalized groups who talk about social issues, even if only in the context of their own lives. I know people who post porn gifs and have apolitical content who have been branded “SJ bloggers.”

I mean sure, I get what people mean when they use the term, and there are valid criticisms of tumblr social justice posts (though my own, below, are different from those of anti social justice bloggers). These criticisms are usually absurd and illogical and rely on tone arguments (you’re too angry or whiny) and uphold the status quo. The opposition is clearly ideological - for the most part the reasons for opposition are transparent, and what they are most concerned about makes their goals obvious.

My major criticisms of “SJ tumblr”

1. Liberalism. I don’t think that social justice, or more specifically, anti-oppression movements, are compatible with liberalism. Liberation, rather than “equality,” should be the end goal.

2. The tendency to completely disregard the work or writings of an author, researcher, or even blogger, based on unrelated harmful things they have done, or their character.

It makes no sense. Posting or reblogging theoretical work or research done by someone does not mean you wholeheartedly embrace an individual, or their views. Some absolutely terrible people have made invaluable and unmatched contributions to their respective field(s) that are not negated by other things they’ve said or done.

It’s also applied unfairly. No one would ever say that Marx is “too problematic” to be quoted (and rightly so), but people do this with many other thinkers, particularly those whose work is not as foundational, and those who are women/of color.

3. My own belief that people misappropriate social justice concepts and jargon - whether in bad faith or due to ignorance - in ways that fit their goals. For example, using standpoint theory to say that only people who belong to a group can discuss the issue at hand, ever.

Anything else I would say is not really specific to “SJ tumblr” or “SJ blogging.” People take wrong, disingenuous, or even harmful posts to be representative of social justice when those people are everywhere. Or troll posts like these.


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Responding to criticism constructively 101.


Responding to criticism constructively 101.


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